I am very pleased to have been asked to speak about the rise of the “Chief Dyslexic Officer” at this BDA event in June.  Also speaking will be individuals from Microsoft, the BBC, Exceptional People, ACAS and the BDA.  Please do consider joining us… and if you have any questions, do get in touch with either me, or the BDA directly.

British Dyslexia Association

Positive Dyslexia & Employment

Adult Dyslexia Event – London


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Who should attend?

The event is open to all – both current BDA Organisational Members and non-member individuals and organisations who have an interest in dyslexia within the workplace or in the transition to work from education.

It will be a great opportunity for organisations and individuals to learn more about characteristics of successful dyslexics, how they benefit employers and how best to recruit, support and develop dyslexic employees.  It will also provide a chance to network with others with an interest in this area.


The event will be in two parts.  Guests are welcome to attend one or both parts of the event.

  • Part 1 (2:30 – 6:00pm)
    • Registration from 2:30
    • Speakers and discussion
    • Refreshments and networking
  • Part 2 (6:00 – 8:30pm)
    • Evening delegates join at 6pm
    • Speakers and book launch
    • Drinks and networking

Details are as follows.

Part 1 – Afternoon Agenda

The afternoon workshops focus on a the strengths of dyslexia in the workplace, recruiting and retaining dyslexic talent as well as a positive approach to supporting dyslexic employees in the workplace.  Speakers include:

How To Recruit & Retain Dyslexic Tallent

Matt Boyd, Exceptional People

from Exceptional Individuals will be leading a workshop on How to recruit dyslexia employees and their value. Matt shares his approach to identifying and recruiting dyslexic talent through his dyslexia specialist recruitment agency. Exceptional Individuals believe that our economy is missing out on a valuable asset due to current employment practices excluding many dyslexic people despite their proven ability.  Entry to the job market can be a daunting task for applicants with dyslexia, Exceptional Individuals help them overcome key barriers, and work with businesses to create more inclusive workplaces.

Neurodiversity At Work

Andrew Sutherland, ACAS

Andrew joins us from ACAS the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service where he is in Research. Andrew shares the outputs of some recent research: Neurodiversity at work – Acas research evidence.

A Personal Journey

Victoria Ahonsi, EY Charitable Foundation

Programme Delivery Co-ordinator for the EY Foundation shares her experiences with Dyslexia a personal perspective. Victoria joined EY as a school leaver and after 3 years working in its Financial Services Practice moved to the firm’s charitable foundation – EY Foundation.

Having discovered her own dyslexia within a few months of joining EY, Victoria will be talking about:

  • discovery of being dyslexic has impacted her and her life and career so far; and
  • her work with the EY Foundation, which helps young people who are disadvantaged in the labour market to find alternative routes into employment, education or enterprise.

Rise of ‘Chief Dyslexic Officer’ 

John Levell, The Levell Partnership

John is a former Associate Partner with EY, the global professional services firm, who specialises in helping organisations with change and innovation powered by technology.   He is also dyslexic and attributes much of his creativity and success to the different perspective dyslexia gives him.

Looking beyond recruitment and reasonable adjustments, John will consider the real value and competitive advantage that organisations can gain when they fully harness the latent talent in their dyslexic people.

Networking & Refreshments

Evening delegates will begin to arrive during the networking and refreshments.

Part 2 – Evening Agenda

6:00pm to 8:30pm (Evening delegates join at 6pm)

Our evening key note speakers present their views on how they see the workplace changing for dyslexic people in 2017 and beyond and what businesses can do to provide greater support to realise the full potential of dyslexic employees.

Characteristics of Successful Dyslexics

Margaret Malpas MBE, BDA

Margaret is the Joint Chair of the BDA.  Margaret devotes much her time to campaigning for a dyslexia friendly world.  Margaret founded Malpas Flexible Learning Ltd and Four’s Fun and has 30 years’ experience in HR and Training as well as specialist teacher for adults with dyslexia.

Following her research, she will be sharing sharing her interpretation of the Characteristics of Successful Dyslexics, the topic of her new book launched in earlier this year.  “Self-fulfilment with dyslexia – a blueprint for success”

The Role of Technology in Accessibility

Hector Minto, Microsoft

Senior Technology Evangelist joins us from Microsoft to share his approach on Dyslexia, Technology and Accessibility.  Hector will be discussing how their products (including Office and Windows) can support dyslexic employees in the workplace, as a consequence of their inclusive in-design approach, while also being of benefit to the mainstream.

Dyslexia, Broadcasting & Me

Ollie Winiberg, BBC

Ollie presents “BBC Essex Introducing”, a radio show that showcases emerging and breaking talent.  He was spotted by the BBC and trained for radio when he was aged 15 and is believed to be the youngest ever BBC radio presenter.  He shares his thoughts on Dyslexia in the work place, self-confidence and coping mechanisms.

Networking & Drinks

Attendees will then have the opportunity to network and connect with our organisational members and like-minded businesses and individuals.

Cost & How to book

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To attend for the afternoon and evening:
Organisational Member: £20 inclusive of VAT
Non Member: £40 inclusive of VAT
To attend in the evening only:
Organisational Member: £10 inclusive of VAT
Non Member: £15 inclusive of VAT


The venue will be in Central London a short distance (cab or tube ride) from Kings Cross / St Pancras station:

Resource for London,
356 Holloway Road,
London, N7 6PA

By London Underground

Take the Piccadilly line to Holloway Road station. On leaving the station, turn left and walk that direction, under the railway bridge for five minutes. Resource for London in on the opposite side of the road and can be reached by using the pedestrian crossing.

To find out more please:
Tel.  01344 381563
Email: membership@bdadyslexia.org.uk